Breaking the Wall of Project Management: Gamification & Artificial Intelligence

PMI Singapore Chapter

Velimir is a Board Member for the Project Management Institute Singapore Chapter.

Most of us are project specialists, and a few of us are project management experts. Often, those terms get exchanged and confused by those who use them, forming one of the biggest challenges of our times—not appreciating a profession due to tradition, bureaucracy and experiences. However, we all manage some projects, and often we do not define these temporary endeavors as projects (a missed opportunity).

We all know that it’s good to ask ourselves why we are doing something in our organization and in our lives, but this is often not addressed properly. So, regardless of whether we do projects in Singapore, London, Moscow or New York, the education and training, the recommended literature, the certification requirements and statistics related to project management are almost the same (meaning that the number of successful and failing projects—as well as certified project managers—is constantly growing). Although this may sound complex and confusing, this is the reality we live in.

In general terms, I argue that the project management world today is gray. I agree that some of you will say that, over time, project management has evolved. My point is that evolutionary improvement is simply not enough, and thus I am proposing to inject a burst of color with gamification and artificial intelligence (AI), vibrant with the ideas of contextualization, …

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Published at Wed, 13 Dec 2017 05:00:00 +0000